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We definitely live in an digital age defined by smartphones, tablets, websites and social media. But as much as I love selling (and buying) digital products, I STILL love physical books, STILL love framed prints, STILL love wall calendars, STILL love fun t-shirts and STILL love all the other PHYSICAL products available to me both online and offline. Chances are that you do too! Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE my iPad, but I’m not going to hang it on my wall or leave it sit open on my coffee table!

There is something about physical products that we will always love and that’s why it’s SMART to include them as a part of your business model. The truth is that creating (and selling) physical products of ALL types has never been easier! And when you combine that opportunity with the quantity and quality of FREE content that is available to you, the results can be extremely profitable! Don’t believe me? A quick trip to Barnes and Noble will prove my point since they completely GET the idea of producing books, posters, calendars and much more using free, Public Domain content.

Now you might be thinking, “Yeah, but Barnes and Noble is a big company. I could never compete with them!” And that is where you would be WRONG! Achieving a profitable success with physical products comes down to a simple three-step formula. You must know:

  • What people want to buy
  • How to create it
  • Where and how to sell it for a profit

Yes…that can be easier said than done, which is why I am going to teach you EXACTLY how you can use the three-step formula in your OWN business and begin tapping into the millions of buying customers who are waiting to purchase YOUR products!

Introducing the…

Physical Product Success Secrets Webinar Series

In this brand-new live training series, you will discover what it takes to succeed with Physical Products, with a special focus on creating profitable products using the proven content from the Public Domain! Here is what you can expect from this eye-opening, 4-part live webinar series:

Webinar #1: Mechanics

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • Why NOW is the BEST time to create your own physical products
  • The bestselling physical products to create
  • Essential tools needed for Product Creation (many of these are free or low-cost)
  • The best websites to partner with in your creation process
  • And Much More!

Webinar #2: Research

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • How to research what people are buying
  • Identifying our target demographic
  • Which niches to avoid like the plague
  • Uncovering local offline markets
  • The best price points for your products
  • And Much More!

Webinar #3: Product Creation

In this webinar, we get started with creating the products and reveal:

  • Where to find the BEST content for your products
  • How to create products that can compete with the Big Boys
  • Design tricks that will take your product creation from amateur to awesome
  • Product creation timelines
  • Market testing and streamlining
  • How to ramp up host-sellers
  • And Much More!

Webinar #4: Selling Your Products

In this webinar, we get to the money and uncover:

  • The top strategies for promoting and selling your products
  • How to create an affiliate army that buyers love to say YES to
  • Selling strategies to make a killing on your hometown
  • How to avoid the dreaded shipping dilemma
  • What to do if your products don’t sell
  • And Much More!

“Physical Product Success Secrets” will arm you with everything you need to create a thriving Physical Products business to provide you with additional streams of income!

“Thanks, Tony! Great series. I am looking forward to the next series.”

“Tony I appreciate the detail because this is high quality teaching that others are selling for $3,500 – so thank you!”

“I have learned SO MUCH already! Thank you very much Tony :)

“Thank you for the GREAT webinar tonight. I appreciate all the details you shared about specs on book layout. You always share the kinds of things that other people don’t pay attention to. I appreciate that about you.”

“I just got to watch the replay now and I have to concur with the other attendees, it was great and as usual, an extremely informative webinar.”

But wait…there’s more! (I love that phrase…grin)

In the Fall of 2010, I taught a special, 4-week webinar series for the members of Step-by-Step Info Products (my membership site) on Physical Products. The only way you could gain access to this in-depth training was through the membership site. But because the series PERFECTLY compliments what I will be sharing in “Physical Product Success Secrets,” I am going to include ALL FOUR videos here as an added bonus. At a value of $197, this video series is worth the price of admission all by itself! Plus, this series will provide you with excellent insights and foundations to prepare you for the strategies I’ll be revealing in the “Physical Product Success Secrets.” Here is what to expect from this BONUS video series:

Video #1: Creating Physical Products That Sell!

In this video, we look at the different types of physical products we can create from Public Domain content. We also look at online product creation options, products you can create yourself at home, how to maximize your sales and much more!

Video #2: Selling Public Domain-Based Products on Ebay

In this video, we pick up where we left off with “Creating Physical Products That Sell” by preparing the products for selling on Ebay. We look at the best ways to set up your Ebay offer, look at how to profit beyond the initial sale and much more!

Video #3: Going to Print: Creating Your Own Printed Book, Magazine and More!

In this video, we will take you through the steps for creating your own print books, picture books, magazines and more…AND…how and where to sell them for maximum profits.

Video #4: Creating Professional-Looking DVDs and CDs to Sell

In this webinar, we go through all the steps necessary to create great-looking DVD’s and CDs to sell online and offline. We discuss cover design and layout, structuring your files for the disks and much more!

The “Physical Product Success Secrets” webinar series and BONUS video series represents the most complete Physical Product creation course available online and will establish you as a product creation expert for any niche you choose to pursue! You will benefit from a “30 years of product creation experience” brain dump that will address and answer your questions on how to succeed with Physical Products.

Here is Video 1 from the series! Enjoy!

Here is what you want to do next…

The “Physical Product Success Secrets” webinar series was a HUGE success and the REPLAYS are now available…FOR A LIMITED TIME.

Now…for the investment: The “Physical Product Success Secrets” series, along with the included BONUS series, is easily worth $497. And so, for me to offer access to the new series and the BONUS series for HALF that price…$247…would be great, right?! For a limited time, however, I want to make this an offer that will be a no-brainer for you.  You can grab the four webinar videos AND the BONUS for a SPECIAL rate of just $197 $97. That’s right…just $97 for ALL FOUR sessions of the “Physical Product Success Secrets” series AND ALL FOUR Bonus Videos!

So…for a wise investment of Just $97, you will receive:

  • Access to the “Physical Product Success Secrets” webinar series replays
  • Immediate Access to the BONUS 4-Part Step-by-Step Physical Products video series

Act NOW and Get Everything for Just $77!!

Why should you listen to me? I don’t often share my professional credentials, however, it’s important that you understand why I can help you succeed with Physical Products!

I spent 18 years working as a high-end graphic designer in the book publishing industry, creating nearly 600 book covers for some of the world’s top authors. I was also an accredited instructor in Graphic Design where I trained 4 students on the job in a 2-year program. One is now the production manager and co-owner of a publishing company, one is a designer for the largest Christian publishing company in Canada, one works for Disney as an illustrator and the last one is the head of animation for a network television station. I also managed a commercial printing company for 7 years with clients like Caesars Hotel Casino and Trump Plaza. I’ve worked for years as a trusted newspaper, commercial and pro photographer, and was heavily involved in sound engineering and video production.

I’ve created nearly every type of media product imaginable from magazines and books to posters, POP displays, t-shirts, calendars…you get the picture. As you can see, I am uniquely qualified to help you succeed with physical products where many others out there are teaching from theory and limited experience!

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